A stroke occurs when the blood flow to part of the brain is cut off and the subsequent lack of oxygen and nutrients causes tissue to die. This may be caused by:

- a blockage to the blood vessels supplying the brain, such as a clot. This is called an ischaemic stroke.

- or by bleeding in and around the brain, perhaps by a burst blood vessel. This is called a haemorrhagic stroke.

The effects of the stroke depend on how big the damaged area is and where it occurred in the brain. A number of different symptoms can occur, often affecting one side of the body, this may include; muscle weakness, increased muscle tension/tone, changes to sensation, alterations to awareness of one side, reduced mobility, poor balance, pain, reduced arm function and fatigue.




At Neuro Potential we understand that a stroke is often a life changing event, that can affect so many different aspects of your roles and responsibilities and that it can have implications for the whole family, not just the individual.


Physiotherapy treatment at Neuro Potential will aim to maximise your physical abilities and independence, according to your individual problems and goals. Treatment may include:


  • Improving flexibility and range of movement, positioning; which can often promote better pain management

  • Strengthening muscles and cardiovascular fitness

  • Working on coordination

  • Improving core stability, posture and balance

  • Gait rehabilitation

  • Support accessing activities in the community, contributing to improved quality of life

  • Guidance with suitable rehabilitation aids and adjuncts.

  • Training and advice to support workers/carers and families.


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