Guillain-Barre Syndrome

At Neuro Potential we understand the significant impact that Guillain Barre can have on individual’s lives due to its sudden onset and with the extensive effects it can have on the body. We are able to provide a highly skilled physiotherapy assessment and treatment plan unique to your needs.


What is Guillain Barre Syndrome?

Guillain Barre syndrome is a rare disorder whereby the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells. This leads to muscle weakness, numbness/pain/burning sensations, extreme fatigue, poor balance and coordination.

It’s not clear what causes Guillain-Barre syndrome but it is thought the auto-immune response is triggered by an infection (such as food poisoning, a virus), following a vaccination, or following surgery.



Physiotherapy will focus on your individual needs and promoting your independence, this may include:

  • Improving limb range of movement and flexibility

  • Muscle activation and strength

  • Finger dexterity and fine motor control

  • Posture, balance and gait

  • Increasing exercise tolerance, which can reduce fatigue

  • Confidence and ability in accessing activities in the community, such as a local gym or swimming pool.


If you have Guillain-Barre syndrome and would like physiotherapy to help progress your abilities, please contact us on: