Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition resulting from a decrease in a chemical messenger in the brain, called dopamine. When the levels of dopamine decrease there is abnormal neural activity and it results in the symptoms of Parkinson’s. This may include problems with; initiating movement, coordination, tremor, slowness of movement, “freezing”, reduced mobility, poor balance and falls.




At Neuro Potential we aim to maintain physical abilities and independence, according to the individuals’ specific problems and goals. Treatment may include:


  • Promoting maintenance of limb flexibility and range of movement, positioning; which can often promote better pain management

  • Maintaining muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness

  • Working on coordination

  • Exercises for core stability, posture and balance

  • Gait rehabilitation

  • Support accessing activities in the community, contributing to improved quality of life

  • Guidance with suitable rehabilitation aids and adjuncts.

  • Training and advice to support workers/carers and families.



There is evidence that exercise can slow down the progression of Parkinson’s and exercise has been found to be as valuable as taking medication to help manage symptoms.


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